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Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment

Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatment

Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment

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30ml £7.95
50ml £12.00
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Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment has been scientifically formulated to stop excessive sweat and problem odour.

Our Promise to You

Buy, Try and Get Dry! With our 30 day money back guarantee. We guarantee that Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Treatment is more effective, less irritating to skin and better value than the antiperspirant you currently use. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you lived without it! If you don't agree, we will give you your money back.

A Unique Formula

The unique antiperspirant formula was developed by specialist Pharmacologists to help effectively control Hyperhidrosis, or as it is more commonly and simply known, excessive sweating. Perspi Guard® will keep you dry and odour free.

An estimated 40% of the World's population suffers with problematic sweating at some point during their lives and it can affect anyone at any time. Around 3% - 4% of us suffer with Hyperhidrosis, which is a life controlling medical condition. Unless you are affected by it, or know someone who is, you will not appreciate the serious problems associated with it. We offer solutions and products that will control excessive sweating.

Clinically Tested¹

Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment has been clinically tested¹ and shown to provide up to 5 days complete protection from sweat and odour from a single application, so on average our antiperspirant only requires 1 - 2 applications per week, for total all round performance, comfort and confidence. It can be safely used on all normal skin types in many areas of the body such as the underarms, the feet, hands and the torso. The product has undergone laboratory testing and has passed dermatology, allergy, and skin reaction trials² in a controlled experiment on a cross section of public experimentees.

Clinically Tested¹ for Efficacy
Dermatologically Tested²
Leaves no White Marks on Clothing Once Dry
Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!!
One 50ml Bottle will Provide 50 Applications³

Strong & Effective

Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment is strong and effective enough to help people affected by even the most serious cases of Hyperhidrosis, but it is also mild enough for regular use by non-sufferers - ideal for big events such as weddings, parties, interviews, presentations, holiday, etc. Perspi-Guard® antiperspirant is suitable for use by both male and female users, as it is completely unscented (you can always use a deodorant in addition to our antiperspirant). For the best results use in conjunction with Perspi Guard Antibacterial Body Wash. An effective shower gel formulated to control Bromhidrosis (problem body odour / bo).

Simple to Use

Simply apply the solution to the affected area last thing at night before retiring to bed, to clean, dry skin. When you wake in the morning, simply wash as normal - Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatment is not affected by normal washing. Use a scented body spray or deodorant if you wish. Please follow all instructions to ensure satisfaction. If you apply as instructed a 50 ml bottle should provide approximately 50 applications which represents exceptionally good value, especially when compared to a USA made imitation copy of the Perspi Guard formula that retails at an extortionate £19.99 per 30 ml bottle!

We believe there is simply no antiperspirant more effective or as good value as this product. We are so confident that we offer all customers a money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.


Antiperspirant: Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Glycerin, Alcloxa, Dimethicone Copolyol, Propylene Glycol, Triethyl Citrate.
Perspi Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment is not tested on animals nor does it contain any animal by-products or derivatives. EU law prevents the testing of cosmetic products on animals. Perspi Guard® is produced in Rackheath, Norwich, England.


¹ Efficacy Testing performed on 20 experimentees. Single undiluted application applied to one axillae with the second left clean for comparison. Sweat production was gravimetrically weighed and significant reduction in sweat levels was recorded from a single application after five days.
² Dermatological patch testing was performed on 50 experimentees using undiluted product applied via testing plaster for a period of 48hrs. Further skin examination performed at 72hrs. Product passed with no significant irritation observed.
³ Assessment is based on suggested applications of 1 -2 sprays per axillae. Each spray releases 0.24ml of solution so 0.96ml in total.

While these studies and lab tests are valid and useful pieces of information, the best test of our product comes from you the public. Unlike some other websites, we do not write our own testimonials or reviews. All comments you read are written by valid and confirmed customers. Please feel free to read our independently verified feedback on our Trust Pilot page.

Perspi Guard® is a registered UK Trademark, a registered EU wide Community Trademark and a registered Trademark in Australia. All rights reserved.

Perspi-Guard ensures 100 % total protection when you need it the most - Guaranteed.

Available in Pharmacies

If you prefer to purchase in store then you may do so at over 500 Rowlands Pharmacy Stores, by ordering from your nearest Numark Pharmacy or by asking your local Chemist to order for you. Give them this number, 356-9886 and they can order for you. Recommended Retail Price per 50ml bottle is £12.00. Savings on multi buys are based on full RRP.

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Looking for an effective antiperspirant? Tired of being let down by your regular antiperspirant? Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Treatment is proven to provide complete protection from sweat and odour. Use just once or twice a week for full protection against problem sweating and problem odour. Try our antiperspirant first - you won't be disappointed. Maximum strength antiperspirant to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) | Antiperspirant Products | High Strength Antiperspirant Treatments |  Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment

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